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Follow these steps if you would like to know more about my Strategic Thinking Process and what it will mean to your business.

  • The first step is to page through this site and download any of the Adobe PDF brochure documents which will give you further information and my contact details.

  • Then take a quick look at my online presentation which covers Strategic Thinking.

  • The next step is to contact me, Roger Handley at mail@strategy-workshops.co.uk and ask me to contact you by either telephone or email to discuss the process stages and options.

  • At this point you should have answers to most of your questions including the fixed investment fee to implement a strategic thinking project.

  • The next step would be to have a meeting with me in your office to determine the specific results that you want to achieve from your project and agree the customised outline of the process. At this time you may wish to involve some of your colleagues in part of this meeting to get their “buy in” to this approach.

  • Immediately following this I will confirm all the project specifications, details and timescale to meet your requirements.

  • This is the point when you may wish to decide to proceed. Should you do so we will then confirm the dates for the project work session materials to be available and any support from myself.

The rest of the process is explained on the Process Synopsis page and in the Downloads available from this site.


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