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Executive Handbook "Strategic Thinking in the boardroom"


This book of 47 pages describes the thinking process that will assist top management fine tune their competitive edge by improving the quality and consistency of their strategic decision making.

It is assumed that those with a particular interest in strategy will have growth of their business in mind and that they are in a market that is growing at a lesser rate than is required for all the competitors to be satisfied. As such, these players have a requirement to take market share from each other. If this sounds familiar then you may well find this book thought provoking.

This handbook has been compiled to provide management with a quick but in-depth summary of the critical decision making process of Strategic Thinking. The objective is to provide you with some thought provoking concepts that are used during work sessions and which can be turned by you into profitable business practice. You will discover some practical ideas which you will find quick and easy to convert into good strategic actions for your business.

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It's a quick guide to the critical thinking process of defining, communicating and implementing strategy at all business levels.

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